jeremy bednarsh plightPit bulls have often been painted in bad light because of the human organized fighting ring. In reality, pit bulls are very loyal to humans and will do whatever they can to please their master, sometimes even fighting to the death when asked. Many of the horrors of the pit bull fighting ring were revealed when Michael Vick and the horrors of what he was doing to his animals was revealed. When Vick was signed to the New York Jets, Tessa Stuart wrote in the Village Voice, “in addition to plunking down $34,000 to buy the Smithfield, Virginia property where dozens of dogs were chained to car axles buried in the ground while they fought, sometimes to the death, in front of betting spectators, Vick and his co-defendants admitted to killing at least six (but perhaps as many as eight) dogs who did not display sufficiently aggressive traits during the ‘testing’ process. Several of those dogs were shot; at least two were hosed down, then electrocuted.” The fighting dogs of Michael Vick have given pit bulls a bad name, but really they are loving, loyal companions.

Pit bulls are actually very heroic. Pit bulls were used as imagery for the U.S. Military on war posters, featured as celebrated companions with stars like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Pit bulls have been used to contribute to and give back to society throughout law enforcement and for hospital visits, therapy for autistic children, and search and rescue missions. These creatures are loving and it is not uncommon to hear stories like this of Weela, the pit bull who saved her owners life by jumping in front of a huge rattlesnake who was about to bite him, instead taking the snake’s fangs into her own face instead. Weela also swam across a flooded area caused by a dam breaking to pull 50 pound bags of food over to a temporary island where animals were stranded. Pit bulls are brave and loyal heroes and deserve respect and admiration.