jeremy bednarsh serviceMany view pit bulls as dangerous dogs who are used as murderous weapons, when in reality they are just loyal, devoted pets to so many. The myth that pit bulls are dangerous has been circulated for so long, many think it’s true. Those who keep the dogs tied up or use them in illegal fighting rings are those who are responsible for the incorrect reputation circling about these pets. Really pit bulls are inclined to be a very friendly breed. When the American Temperament Testing Society, Inc. tested the American Pit Bull Terrier for stability, aggressiveness and friendliness, they came out passing with an 86.8 percent. That number is actually better than golden retrievers, collies, and beagles. Of the 122 breeds tested, pit bulls came in fourth. The breed was started for their companionship and they have great temperaments and are very loyal. It is their loyalty that has also been their downfall. Many pit bulls have made it into the hands of drug dealers and illegal dogfighters who treat them horribly and capitalize on their bond by encouraging them to fight to the death. Because of dog fighting, those pit bulls have become more aggressive due to their environment, not their breed.

Pit bulls have been subject to canine profiling and breed specific legislation and discrimination. This has led to the killing of pit bulls in many towns and legislating that certain people cannot own the animals in various environments. These kinds of laws also don’t distinguish exactly what breed they are targeting, expect a general athletic looking dog. Therefore, the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier are all targeted. This legislation is based solely on people’s opinion because all of the science points the other way. Even the National Canine Research Council has released a study that concludes there is no scientific evidence that one dog breed is more likely than another to harm a human.