jeremy bednarsh auctionThe SEPR or the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is trying to help pit bulls in need. They have decided to aid injured animals by hosting their very first online auction. The name of the event is “Purchase for Pit Bulls.” The auction will last for an extended period of time through the month of May, May 1st -May 14th to be exact. All of the proceeds from the online sale will go towards supporting the SEPR’s veterinary fund as well as their educational outreach branch.

The Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is based in Sioux Falls and their mission is to help encourage and promote responsible pit bull ownership, provide breed education, fight back against pet overpopulation, and look for and match sound pit bulls to qualified homes throughout the United States. The SEPR is remarkably and all-volunteer rescue group. Everyone donates their time because they are passionate about the pit bull breed and want these animals to be well cared for and to act as a great companion or pet for families. The funds from the auction will really help the SEPR’s efforts because they are in need of financial support. The money is most needed right now for preventative care and treatment for the dogs they house and the more specialized care that is necessary for a few of the dogs at SEPR. For example, there are two dogs, Tulip and Geisha, who are mothers and were abused after being used multiple times for breeding. Tulip and Geisha’s experience required them to undergo two different extensive surgeries and their recovery requires extra, specialized care. The SEPR has in their care at least 20 dogs on any given day. Often the dogs come from places where they are about to be euthanized, or from abusive homes that use the animals for dog fighting rings. The vet bills for one animal along could be as high as $3,000 a month so any support for the shelter is greatly appreciated.

To take part in the online auction, simply log on and make a public bid. The items from the auction have been donated by businesses around the Midwest and include hand polished bracelets, spa collections and pet accessories. There is lots to purchase for a good cause.