Who Is Jeremy Bednarsh?

Jeremy Bednarsh loves all animals, particularly dogs, but he is also fascinated reptiles and more exotic animals. Jeremy currently has 2 pit bulls of his own named Steve and Leela, who you can learn more about below.

A Passion for Pit bulls

Jeremy Bednarsh is the proud owner of 2 pit bulls named Steve and Leela. Steve and Leela have been part of Jeremy’s family for the past 4 years, and both dogs are fabulous animals. Steve and Leela are affectionate, great around children, and extremely social.

Jeremy Bednarsh is a promoter of the pit bull breed and hopes to educate people on how amazing these dogs can be. Jeremy is an active participant on the forum, GoPitbull.com which promotes education, awareness, and owner’s responsibility of the wonderful Pitbull breed. Jeremy Bednarsh truly believes that the reputation these dogs are typically given is unfair, and has nothing to do with the breed, but the owner of the animal.

Silas was Jeremy Bednarsh’s best friend. Silas recently passed on January 5th, 2014. He was born August 6, 1997, and was 16 years old when he died. Silas was a basset/lab mix, and the best companion. Jeremy Bednarsh shares many memories with Silas, and has learned so much with him. Jeremy traveled cross-country with Silas 6 times, and those trips hold some of Jeremy Bednarsh’s best memories of Silas.

It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially when you’ve had them for so long and they become family. Although you can never replace a pet, you can always cherish the memories made during their time spent with you, and that’s exactly what Jeremy does with his memories of Silas. He will be missed every day.